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When you have a question about a new algorithm, how to build Machine Intelligence products or services, using the right tools, increasing your accuracy, or latest research and industry news, our members are ready to share their experiences, expertise, and creative ideas.

The Machine Intelligence Hub is a fluff-free deep interests network where practitioners, communities and organizations can advance Machine Intelligence thoughtfully.

Think of us as what social media would be if it was full of only helpful, thoughtful, smart people and run by skilled specialists developing intelligent machines.

We make it easy to get answers to your specific questions, as well as provide unprecedented access to thinkers, influencers, experts, and guides who can help you orienting in a galaxy of methods and technologies.

What is Machine Intelligence?

Machine Intelligence (aka AI) refers to advanced computing systems that solve and automate tasks that would normally require human-level intelligence.

Its "simplest" form, Narrow Intelligence, refers to non-sentient machines good at performing one single task within a limited context and without taking tasks beyond its field. 

In contrast to either Strong Intelligence (machines with consciousness, sentience and mind) or General Intelligence (machines able to solve any problem), Narrow Intelligence is the only form of Artificial Intelligence that humanity has achieved so far, yet!

Even if in their narrow form, intelligent machines hold already the potential to be a major driver of economic growth and social progress.

Why a Deep Interests Network?

There are many skilled people and organizations investing in the field but the knowledge and expertise are often sparse and fragmented.

We aim to connect the industry, academia, civil society, government, and the public to work together to support development of machine intelligence with thoughtful attention to its potential and to managing its risks.

Moreover, the ever-increasing number of available and fancy development choices make the job very cumbersome.

The Machine Intelligence Hub provides the orientation on using the right methods and technologies.

In a nutshell, the Machine Intelligence Hub is the go-to place for:

  • staying up-to-date with latest industry news

  • learning and sharing knowledge

  • openly discuss ideas, solutions and feedbacks

  • connecting to the right peers

  • supporting communities growth

  • building visibility and reputation

Not enough? We have many surprises in store for the following months.

Can I join?

The network is open to professionals, practitioners, geeks, students, researchers, managers, directors, tech specialists, innovators, start-uppers, curious, visionaries and anyone who really believe in our values.

By joining the network, you will immediately get access to selected contents and to interact, share and discuss with smart peers like you.

For the the product launch, the network is invite-only and exclusive to members of local communities or partners of the Hub. You can still request an invite and we will get in touch with you asap!

I am already part of a community

Within the Machine Intelligence network you will have a private group where contents are only visible to you and your mates. You can enjoy having your tailored group while having the benefits of being part of a global-scale network offering greater opportunities.

Current communities in the network are:

Are you a community builder aligned with our values but your group is not in the list? Get in touch now!

I want to become a sponsor

The network's value is about openness, we give the opportunity to everyone to promote and get visibility as long as it is relevant for our members. 

If you are offering products, services, consulting, training, job offerings that match our interests you are more than welcome to get in touch with us, we can offer you sweet featured spot.

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